The fear of death

“The fear of death is born with man, though this is the only thing he knows is certain to happen to him.  Attachment to material things make man cling to life.”

When you chant the Name of the Divine, when you are one with the Divine, you accept death. While you are attached to life and afraid of death, you die with that fear and that weight clinging to you.

If you have attained liberation you are free from death, you accept the inevitable.
You die without fear and by remembering the Name of God, your soul leaves the body free of that fear and attachment. If you are reborn, your soul is still free from that fear.

If you die in “unity”, you are free from rebirth, unless you will it.”



On the verge of death there is often remorse for time not spent and for wounds not being healed.

There is often regret for unspoken things or regret for harm being done.

There are often quarrels, fights, hate, resentment, things that still weigh on you !

There is often remorse for fears not being faced or for unrealised dreams !

There are often feelings of shame and guilt and there is the final one :

there is the fear of punishment from a judgemental God !

If we could forgive ourselves and others for harm being done and clear our unfinished businesses, we wouldn’t have to carry that much with us !

Some people realise that they have been chasing an illusion and have been postponing their happiness.

After swimming upstream for so long, after struggling for so long, they feel it’s too late…they are too tired , or they feel too sick and too old to make any change.

Then suddenly no more time is left to spend with loved ones and to do the things that really matter…

Don’t wait till the verge of death to liberate you from your fears. Don’t wait to free yourself from the weights of anger and hate. Don’t wait until it’s too late to be loving and forgiving !

Phuro! Be inspired!






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