Journey of the soul

 “Everything has a soul, including everything in your body and every issue in your life. It carries a purpose and a message. If we can honor and benefit from the message, we can heal it and transform it. Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow.” Master Sha According to Tao teachings everyone & everything consists of soul, mind and body. … Lees verder Journey of the soul

Dog whisperer or human whisperer ?

Who hasn’t watched a show of “The Dog whisperer” and sincerely asked himself “How is Cesar doing all that stuff with dogs ?” It looks so easy for him ! While it seems he is constantly working on trying to change the dog’s behaviour and to rehabilitate the animal, what he primarily does is reeducating the human parents showing how they can alter their state … Lees verder Dog whisperer or human whisperer ?

The knots in our heads

Knots form in the mind. Knots are “internal formations,” problems our minds circulate around in the absence of clear understanding. Thich Nhat Hahn talks about such knots in his book “Peace Is Every Step”. “Our internal formations are always looking for ways to manifest as destructive images, feelings, thoughts, words or behavior.” They need our full attention as soon as they manifest, while they are … Lees verder The knots in our heads